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Join us in building a resilient lifestyle through wellness, fitness, nutrition, discipline, and a positive mindset. Our ultimate goal is for each of you to become a better spouse, parent, and law enforcement officer.

One degree better
every day

Each day, I look to find a way to improve one degree. I use degree rather than a percent, so I can use the following analogy: What happens to water in a pot that is 211°F? Nothing. When that water rises by 1°, the water begins to boil. That one degree made a significant change for the water. Each day you should strive to be one degree better than yesterday. I modify my sleep, workout, nutrition, and mindset. For you, it could mean building a new relationship or re-building one with someone you love, reading a new book, or learning a new skill. It could even mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 

What is ethos?

A Greek word meaning “character” describes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community or ideology. I believe everyone should build their own guiding beliefs to make themselves one degree better. You can do this with a mindset shift and by building a supportive, positive community around you.

As I work to be one degree better each day, I do it incrementally. I will identify one thing in my life want to improve. It could be as simple as eating less junk food or trying a new workout. It might be reading a new book or enrolling in a college course. Reflect and identify one thing you want to work on and be just one degree better. 

Personalized Fitness

Our workouts are personalized and professionally built specifically for active duty law enforcement officers.


Our personal trainers are culturally competent and know what law enforcement officers need to be physically fit and resilient.


ethos. Fitness is dedicated to giving law enforcement officers the physical fitness programs they need to be resilient and survive a long, physically demanding career. 

ethos. Blog

On Dose of Ethos, you will find articles dedicated to helping you build a more resilient lifestyle through wellness, nutrition, discipline, and a positive mindset.  I personalize the experience by relating my struggles and how I overcame them. As a first responder, I have had many unique experiences that allow me to have a different perspective on life, including marriage and fatherhood. These articles are dedicated to making you one degree better. Enjoy.

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