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dose of ethos.

Police Fitness and Wellness

Elevate your lifestyle through wellness, fitness, nutrition, discipline, and a positive mindset. We are dedicated to police fitness for those who wear the badge. Join us in becoming better spouses, parents, and law enforcement officers. 

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By striving to improve just one degree each day, you can make a significant difference in your life. For example, just like how water boils at 212 degrees, making a small improvement can have a big impact. Whether it’s improving your sleep, workout, nutrition, mindset, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator, every little bit counts.

What is ethos?

The concept of ‘ethos,’ or character, is central to the idea of personal growth and development. By creating our own guiding beliefs, we can strive to be one degree better every day. This can be achieved by making small changes to our daily routines, such as eating healthier or trying new activities, and building a positive and supportive community around us. 

Two men working out in a park.
Ruben doing squats with a sandbag

Personalized Fitness

Tailored police fitness programs designed for active-duty law enforcement officers.


Train with professionals who specialize in physical fitness for law enforcement officers.


Our goal is to empower law enforcement officers to stay physically fit and resilient throughout their careers.

ethos. blog

At dose of ethos, we believe that building a resilient lifestyle requires a holistic approach. That’s why out articles cover police wellness, police nutrition, discipline, and mindset, offering personalized insights and real-life experiences to inspire you to make small changes every day. As a first responder, I offer a unique perspective on life’s challenges, including marriage and fatherhood. Join us on our mission to become one degree better every day. 

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