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How the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office is using Rapid DNA technology

Despite its lavish reputation, mild climate, and desirable destinations, Santa Barbara is not immune from the ills of mother nature or mankind. It is the location of the worst mass murder ever committed by a female, a deadly shooting rampage on a college campus, devastating wildfires, and deadly mudslides. Santa Barbara also has the distinction of having the deadliest maritime disaster on the west coast of the United States in modern times.

8 investments worth every penny for K-9 officers

In many law enforcement specialty units, inadequate budgets leave the individual unit members responsible for buying the proper tools to help make their unit successful. In light of this reality, I sat down with my team to come up with eight essential pieces of equipment for a K-9 handler. 

Plan early and prepare your gear for mutual aid deployment

As it is only a matter of time before my mobile field force team is called to protect communities across Southern California, I wanted to ensure both myself and my team are ready to deploy out-of-county for multiple days. This includes preparing duty gear, personal clothing/toiletries and even preparing family members for your absence.

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