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7-Days for $1

The Tactical Athlete


Sign-up and complete our 12-week Tactical Athlete Plan, and we will send you a FREE shirt! 

(While supplies last and only for the month of April)
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The Tactical Athlete program is designed specifically for law enforcement officers who demand more from their fitness routine. This revolutionary program will enhance strength, agility, endurance, and tactical skills through various specialized exercises and training techniques. This comprehensive plan is dedicated to making you one degree better, whether chasing down a suspect or responding to an emergency. The Tactical Athlete program is the ultimate solution for law enforcement professionals who want to take their fitness to the next level and dominate the field. Join us today and become a Tactical Athlete!

Contact us for special organization or agency pricing.

7-Days for $1

Train like a future law enforcement officer with our $1 Pre-Academy strength and conditioning program, designed to improve your overall fitness and performance.

Download our $1 Pre-Academy program now to start your journey towards a successful career in law enforcement.


The Pre-Academy

Affordable and effective, our Pre-Academy strength program can help you achieve your goals of becoming a successful law enforcement officer. 

Start your Pre-Academy training today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Contact us for special organization or agency pricing.

Want personalized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Our team of experts is committed to helping you become one degree better with personalized fitness and nutrition guidance.

7-Days for $1

Achieve your fitness goals and become a more resilient law enforcement officer with our $1 Back to the Street strength and conditioning program.

Sign up now and start your journey to enhanced physical fitness and resilience as a law enforcement officer.

Back to the Streets

Get ready to tackle any challenge on the job with our law enforcement-specific strength and conditioning program. You will see improved resilience and peak performance for a long, demanding career.

Contact us for special organization or agency pricing.

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