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Jarrett and Ruben Workout

Our team is committed to providing law enforcement officers with the resources they need to stay physically and mentally fit for a demanding career.

Copline is a available to all law enforcement officers, so that have a resource and an outlet in a time of need.

The Counseling Team International provides exceptional counseling, training, critical incident intervention and support to emergency service personnel and their families within California as well as nationwide.

TheĀ First Responders First Intensive Outpatient Program offers daily programming to aid the transition out of residential treatment and amenities to encourage a sense of community and give you somewhere to recharge. Additionally, we can offer outpatient treatment to first responders who are ready to start their recovery journeys but cannot yet commit to 30+ days to an inpatient program.

First Responder Wellness understands the need to treat sensitive issues in a setting conducive to creating and holding trust and confidentiality for law enforcement officers. Their programs exclusively treat First Responders, so from the moment treatment begins, their patients know they are with others who have lived and experienced the same life.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline provide free and confidential support to people in distress, prevention, and crisis for you and your loved ones.

For those in crisis or distress, they can dial 988 from any phone and be directed to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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